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Spiritual Growth

First of all,  I need to tell you that this website and our blog deal with issues that range from Politics to how to get rid of Demons from your home.    Why?  Because God is concerned with it all.  He is concerned with how these things effect His children.   He wants to help us avoid many of the pitfalls that await us on a daily basis.   I walk this walk with Him everyday and break out in a sweat when I reminiscence about when I didn't walk so closely with Him.  Seriously... I was out there like a sitting duck ripe for the plucking.   The craziest part is this... I didn't have the "God sense" to know it.   How scary is that.   At any given time, I could have been taken out by the Devil.  And... I know oh so well that I would not have awaken in any Heavenly realm.  How do I know?  At that time in my life... I was surely chasing after the world... not God.   This website and blog is for your spiritual growth.    God wants you to take a spiritual journey that leads you closer and closer to Him. 


Second, I am not a typical being walking around trying to fit into this crazy world.  You see... I know oh so well that I am not of this world.   I do not fear the things that most people fear in this world.  I do not try to do God's job by trying to control those things that He takes out of my hands.  (Oh boy, that was a hard one) The world is round and I am a square peg that will never fit in.  I was not created to.   I am my Heavenly Father's Ambassador and I was only put here to do His bidding.  I speak with Him audibly everyday.  And no...I am not crazy or delusional.    I hear Him as plain as day and He instructs my actions.  I have been given the ability to discern spirits and am able to see to the very soul of my fellow human beings.  Though not my intention,  sometimes what God speaks through me to man, literally makes them jump out of their seats.   They thought that info was only between them and the moon. Please know,...I do not say these things to be arrogant or prideful because that is not so.  I am but dust.  I do nothing from any power of mine.  Anything that I say or do supernaturally comes from the power that God wields through this human vessel.    

JESUS says: "Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

I have been instructed by my Heavenly Father to let His light within me shine before this world and bring forth His truths.  I have  been told to bring some very hard truths to a world that is sitting in utter darkness.   Truths that will rock and crack the foundation of your make-believe-lives. I am to call a spade a spade,...no matter what.  To this end...this website exist.   It exist to let people know that God wants us to know what He thinks about what is going in this world.   He wants us to know that He is real and not some "pie in the sky."  

People have become so use to dilly dallying with what is really happening in this world.  Why? Because many are too afraid to face the truth of life.   Hell is breaking loose all around them and in their homes, but yet...they are afraid to believe the truth that... yes... the truth that the Devil is real.

Not some boogeyman your parents told you was in a closet to scare you into behaving.  He is so much worse than that.  You see...He is real.   He is so much more powerful than your fears.  I have been instructed to reveal to you how the Devil does his dirt.   God wants me to reveal many of the tricks of the Devil.  This is in an effort to help you to avoid being tricked by him.  To this end...this website exist.

Oh, if you must know something else about me.  I have been pastoring people for about ten years.   You know when the Father first showed me, in an open vision, that he had appointed me to Pastor people, I didn't understand what He was doing.   I said to myself, "how in the world do you reconcile being "a lawyer" and being "a Pastor?"  I thought "this is nuts," who is going to believe this or anything I say?  Well...God soon made those doubtful thoughts of mine "sound nuts."   He supernaturally gives me information about folk so... they know that it has to be some supernatural force telling me their business.     

I hope your journeying along with me brings about the destiny that God has set for you.