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The Perspective of God website & blog that you are viewing is a part of the ministry of our church, The Temple of the Most High Living God.  We are a Christian church & we believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord & Savior.    Our church is creating businesses to help employ people in our communities.  Therefore, we are not a non-profit entity.   This means that any donation that you make to us,  is not  tax deductible.  

Thank you for allowing me to come to you and share God's world of virtuality with you.

Through this website & it's blog, I am able to bring you up close & personal with God's perspective on everyday current events.

I am a minister, appointed by God, striving to find those who are seeking God in these very troubling times.

Through God's words, I am trying to bring hope & light to a very dark world.  

If you enjoy this website & blog and would like to see them continue & grow, we would appreciate any donation.  

I love God and it is his will for me to offer truth & inspiration to you.  With your financial support, this can continue to be made possible.  

I thank you in advance for your assistance & may God bless you.  

Iris Whiting, Pastor of "The Temple of the Most High Living God"